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This site contains information for maintaining the Milford & District U3A website.

Website Organisation

  1. This document describes how the various sections of the site are laid out

The following is an alphabetical list of how to achieve tasks on the site

Adding a User or Group Leader

  1. > Users
  2. > Manage
  3. > New
  4. Complete: Name, Login, Password, email, set Rqd Pass Reset = Yes
  5. > Assigned User Groups
  6. Set Groups as rqd, see existing if in doubt
  7. > Save & Close

Enrolment Day

  1. Components > JEvents > Enrolment Day

Email Functions - Approve posts to Committee

  1. Log into cPanel
  2. Go to Mailing Lists and click to Manage the Committee List.
  3. Select the Option: Tend to pending moderator requests (the the top right hand side).
  4. Select Accept (in this case) and submit.


  1. Components > Jevents > Manage Events
  2. For an individual event click on the little black squares.


  1. > Components > Creative Contact ….. > Forms
  2. Invert the ID's to show our forms.
  3. Select the rqd form, Click 'Manange Fields' to open the form

Installing/Updating Software

  1. > System > Control Panel
  2. > Install Extensions
  3. > Upload Package File
  4. Drag and drop the zip files onto the target box

Next Meeting

  1. > Extensions > Modules > Next Meeting

News Letters & Bulletins

  1. Name the PDF using the convention: abc-def-xyz.pdf
  2. Upload the PDF to > Components, Media, Downloads, Newsletters
  3. Go to Menus > Newsletters
  4. > Add New Item
  5. > Choose System Links > URL
  6. Make the link: /images/downloads/newsletters/abc-def-xyz.pdy.pdf


  1. A Newsflash is inserted at the top of the Home page, above the
    existing page without disturbing or changing the homepage text.
  2. Create a standard Article and set the Category to 'Newsflash'

Performing a Backup & Restore

  1. > Components > Akeeba Backup > Basic Operations > Backup Now

Restore a Backup to the Dev site

  ## Need Something here ######

Setting up 'Tickers'

Update web software

  1. Go to the Control Panel
  2. > Extensions > Install Extensions
  3. Drag the previously downloaded update file (zip) onto the upload area.
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